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Welcome to Slide!

If you’ve been selected for a Slide policy through the Citizens' Depopulation program, you’re in the right place.

Our goal is to make this transition as easy as possible and to answer all your questions along the way.

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The Scoop on Slide

Slide offers flexible coverage to fit your needs as a Florida homeowner. We have quickly grown to one of Florida's largest technology-enabled homeowners insurance companies.

While Slide may be a new name, we know insurance. We were founded in 2021 in Tampa, FL, by industry veterans who deeply understand the Florida market. Our leadership team has participated in over 30 Citizens depopulation programs, so rest assured, you’re in good hands.

You can count on Slide when you need us. Our financial stability is top-notch with a Demotech Financial Stability Rating of “A” (Exceptional) and a $1 billion reinsurance program that exceeds regulatory requirements. Additionally, our claims team has achieved industry-leading results in our hurricane response efforts.

What is the Citizens Depopulation Program?

Citizens developed the Depopulation Program with authorization from the Florida Legislature. It's designed to reduce the number of policies held by Citizens and encourage more insurance companies to do business in Florida. This initiative enables companies like Slide to transition Citizens' policies to the private insurance market, helping to strengthen the Florida insurance market.

Why is the Citizens Depopulation Program necessary?

If Citizens doesn't have enough funds to pay out claims, they have the option to levy an assessment on their policyholders. This could result in a Citizens' assessment of up to 45% of your insurance premium.

The Florida Legislature and Citizens are working hard to reduce the number of policies and exposure to avoid assessments altogether. As a result, Florida’s insurance market becomes healthier as private companies offer coverage for our state’s growing number of residents.

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Let's answer your questions.

Slide has assumed my Citizens policy. What do I need to do?
Nothing! We’ve got you. Your policy will automatically renew as it has in the past.

Can I change my coverage?
Yes, at your renewal. Between now and your renewal date, your Citizens coverage will remain in place. Ahead of your renewal, you will receive a renewal offer from Slide. At that time, you can work with your agent to customize your coverage further. Slide offers comprehensive coverage options that allow you to design a policy that fits your needs. See the Slide Coverage Comparison Worksheet for a high-level overview of the differences between Citizens and Slide.

Reach out to your agent for help evaluating your coverage options.

Do I need to notify my mortgage company?
No. Slide will notify your mortgage company and provide all required information. If your mortgage company pays your insurance premium, Slide will send your invoice to your mortgage company for payment.

Can I decide to stay with Citizens?
It depends.

  • If your private market renewal offer is OVER 20% of your Citizens renewal premium, you remain eligible for Citizens and have until the date indicated on your Offer Form to register your choice to stay with Citizens. If your choice is registered after the date indicated on the Citizens Offer Letter, the policy can be assigned to Slide. 
  • Keep in mind that you will likely receive additional assumption offers in the future, as Citizens' goal is to help their policyholders find coverage in the private market. 
  • If your private market renewal offer is UNDER 20% of your Citizens renewal premium, the policy is deemed ineligible for Citizens. As a result, you will not be able to continue your insurance coverage with Citizens. 

Where will my insurance documents come from?
Your insurance documents will come directly from Slide at renewal time.

How do I make payments on my policy?
Payments should be made with Citizens until your policy renewal date. Once you receive your renewal packet from Slide, payments can be made online or through your agent.

What if I have an open claim?
If you have a claim currently open with Citizens, your claim will still be handled by their claims team. Slide will be unable to assist with claims filed with Citizens. 

How do I file a new claim?
If your date of loss or damage occurred on or after the date Slide assumed your policy, report your claim here, or call (866) 230-3758.

If your date of loss or damage is on or after the date Slide assumed your policy, call Slide Claims at (866) 230-3758.

Is Slide financially stable?
Yes! We have earned and maintained a Demotech Financial Stability Rating of “A” (Exceptional). Demotech’s rating process provides an objective baseline for assessing carrier solvency.

We also have a $1 billion reinsurance program (which is basically insurance for insurance companies to back the carrier should there be a major storm) that exceeds all regulatory and rating agency requirements. This ensures that we are built for the future and have the financial strength to get our policyholders back to whole after covered losses.

How is Slide Insurance Different from Citizens?