We are honored to partner with you on transitioning our new policyholders to Slide. Below are answers to our most commonly asked Agent questions.

About Slide

Slide is headquartered in Tampa, FL and we have extensive experience in the Florida market. Slide has a Financial Stability Rating of “A” (exceptional) from Demotech, a leading actuarial and financial analysis firm. Slide is one of the largest homeowner’s insurers in Florida with approximately 100,000 policyholders before the UPC transaction.

Your clients’ new Slide insurance policy replaces the remaining term of their current UPC Insurance policy. No action on their part is required. Our goal is to make this transition as seamless as possible for you and your clients.

For answers to policyholder questions, click here.


Which products and policies transferred?
All policies transferred were on the HO-3 and DP-3 products. Slide has exclusive renewal rights for over 91,400 policies. Your agency will be provided with a list of the UPC policies that were acquired.

Will we provide agents with a list of the policies we assume? (how do they access?) 
Yes. A list of acquired policies has been sent to your agency's primary contact (as listed in the UPC system).

Will the cancellation be coming from UPC separately or in the welcome packet?
The cancellation letter will come separately from UPC.

Can an agent rewrite a UPC policy to the Limited Capacity New Business release? 
Yes, if it is not one of the policies Slide acquired from UPC. New business will remain open until capacity is met.

Will the policies renew?
When the Slide-UPC stub policy expires, eligible policyholders will receive an offer for a twelve-month Slide policy on IPX. The renewal policy may have different terms of coverage and different premiums than the expiring replacement policy. Once received, please review the renewal with your client.

Will new inspections be needed at renewal?
Outside of any special circumstances, inspections will not be needed at renewal for the acquired UPC policies.

Will the policy # change from the UPC to Slide policy # upon renewal?
Yes. The policy number will change to a Slide policy number upon renewal.

Will the stub policy retain the same UPC policy #?
Yes. Stub policies will retain the same UPC policy number.

Is Slide going to be responsible for any refunds on policies if cancelled mid-term?
Yes. Slide will be responsible for any refunds on policies if cancelled mid-term.

Will this affect my clients’ Flood policy (NFIP and Private)?
Any impact on a related flood insurance policy would be determined by the carrier writing that coverage. If flood coverage was applied as an endorsement under the UPC policy, coverage would end at the expiration of the stub policy.

How will cancellation requests work? Where should they be sent?

  • Cancellation requests effective prior to Slide acquisition (2/1) will continue to be serviced by UPC.
  • Cancellations effective after Slide’s acquisition:
    • During the stub period, the Slide-UPC team will handle servicing of policies and endorsements.
    • On/after the Slide renewal date, Slide will service the policy using the posted Slide contact info.

Is there any lapse in coverage moving from UPC to Slide?
No. Slide coverage will begin immediately after cancellation of the UPC policy. The coverage will continue through the expiration of the current policy term on the same terms, conditions and rates.

What action does my client need to take?
No action is required by the policyholder to maintain coverage other timely payment.

What will go out to the acquired policyholders?
Policyholder packets with a welcome letter, FAQs (which can also be found on our policyholder landing page (https://www.slideinsurance.com/upc), and the new declarations page have been mailed to the acquired policies. These mailings are just for the 70K+ policies acquired.

Additionally, renewal offers have been sent to approximately 12,000 of UPC's extension policyholders.

Where should I go for questions about UPC's receivership and/or FIGA?
Information can be found on the FIGA website.

Agent Servicing

Should outstanding requests (endorsements, book transfers, etc) be resubmitted to Slide?
We do not anticipate you having to resubmit any outstanding requests but will communicate if that changes.

Will the stub policies be available in the UPC Slide system? 
Yes. Access to the UPC system will remain under Slide and login credentials will not change.

Will book transfers that were approved still be allowed? 
Any agent transfers set in motion prior to 2/1/23 would continue for those policies transitioning to Slide.

What disruption if any do we anticipate with downloads? Will the stub policies be downloaded?
We do not anticipate disruption with downloads; however, it may show as a UPC policy during the transition period.

Will AOR’s be accepted? If yes, what is needed and who to send to? 
Slide will make a determination upon review of risk and agent performance.

If an agent does not have a current Slide appointment and is now getting one due to UPC policies, will they be allowed to write the Limited Capacity HO3 program?
Yes, once the new agents complete our requested appointment paperwork, we will open for them to write new business.


The extension policies are handled differently based on their natural policy expiration date.


Are the additional UPC policies you purchased renewal rights to all policies that have an extension of coverage?
Yes. They are all extension policies. Slide emailed a list to each agency of the policies with instructions on next steps.

UPC offered an extension of coverage until 4/23 if payment is received. If the payment was made and Slide acquires this policy how will the process work?
Payments will be between the pollicholder and UPC/the Receiver. Slide would be charging them for the go forward premium if they were renewed and brought on.

How do I submit endorsement requests or policy changes to the UPC policies?
Since Slide does not own or service these policies until they are renewed with Slide, policy changes and endorsements will go through the UPC process.


Will we allow time to make a payment after renewal date (how many days)?
Yes. The standard grace period will apply.

Will we accept payment on extension policies?
No. Slide will not accept payment on extension policies, these remain with UPC.

Do I need to notify my clients’ mortgage company?
No. Slide will notify the mortgage company and provide all required information. If their mortgage company pays their insurance premium, Slide will send the invoice to the mortgage company for payment.

How does my client make the remaining payments?
Your client must make the remaining payments in order to keep your insurance coverage. If their mortgage company pays your premium, Slide will send the required invoice to their mortgage company. If they pay their premium directly, Slide will send an invoice in accordance with their current Slide policy. Payment instructions will be listed in their invoice.

Please note - Due to the UPC receivership, we had to make a few adjustments on payment processing on assumption policies that have not yet renewed into the Slide IPX system.

  • Electronic Policy Payments had to be temporarily disabled. We will notify you once they are back online.
  • Any policyholders who were on automatic electronic payments, have been moved to paper billing and invoices. We will be sending a follow-up email to agents with their list of impacted customers.
  • A letter to the impacted policyholders is being sent to inform them that they will be invoiced and need to pay via check or money order.

    Checks are to be made payable to: Slide Insurance Company
    Include Policy Number in check memo

    Mail to:
    PO Box 31588
    Tampa, FL 33631-3588

    Overnight Address:
    4700 140th Avenue N
    Suite 106
    Clearwater, FL 33762


How will the UPC commissions process change? Will there be changes to how are they currently paid?
Your first Slide commission payment for the Slide-UPC policies will be after your first renewal(s) in the IPX system. Commission payments will be made in the format you have set up with UPC and Slide respectively.

Will there be an interruption in commissions payments?
No. We do not anticipate any interruption in commission payments.

Will the UPC commission payment be separate from the current Slide (SJIC) commission payment or will it be combined into one?
Once renewed, it will be combined with the Slide commission payment.

Will UPC still pay January’s commission payment which is paid in February?
Yes. These will be paid by UPC in the same format as in the past.


What is the process for claims prior to 2/1?
All claims with a date of loss prior to 2/1/23 will continue to be handled by UPC / the Receiver.

(800) 295-8016 – Policies beginning with letters
(866) 515-4428 – Policies beginning with 90

What phone number do agents call with questions regarding claims 2/1 or later?
For Slide-UPC policyholders with a date of loss of 2/1/23 or later, call (866) 230-3758.

Should I contact Slide about my clients’ open UPC claim(s)?
Slide is only responsible for claims with a date of loss on or after February 1, 2023 and has no information related to claims with UPC. If your client has a claim with UPC, please contact them directly with questions.

Do not advise your client to resubmit a previously filed claim with UPC to Slide. This will result in a claim denial by Slide because their loss predates February 1, 2023.


How do I get appointed with Slide?
If you are a UPC agent not appointed with Slide, information on the appointment process and access was emailed the week of February 20th. If you have not received your appointment packet, please contact agencysupport@slideinsurance.com.