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Citizens' Agents!

It’s been a busy year at Slide and we are excited to round out the year with participation in Citizens' Depopulation ("Depop") Programs.

It's an honor to work with you as we help our new policyholders make the move to Slide!

We've got great news!

The depop process is simple and hassle-free with no applications, inspections, or underwriting. No action on your client’s part is required.

Many new Slide policyholders can also avoid any extra costs from Citizens' upcoming flood coverage requirement. Once with Slide, your clients will have access to a wide range of coverage options tailored to their unique needs.

Check your inbox for news on policy selection, onboarding instructions, and the Slide Insurance Citizens Depopulation Webinar.

We aim to make this transition as seamless as possible for both you and your clients.

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About Slide

Slide offers flexible coverage to fit the needs of Florida homeowners. We have quickly grown to beone of Florida's largest homeowner insurance providers.

While Slide may be a new name, we know insurance. We were founded in 2021 in Tampa, FL, by industry veterans who understand the Florida market. Our leadership team has participated in over 30 Citizens' depopulation programs.

Let's answer your questions.


Slide tagged several thousand policies for Citizens'depopulation. How do I know if an insured was assumed by Slide?

  • On the assumption date, a Notice of Assumption and Nonrenewal will be mailed to the insured.
  • An email summarizing the assumption results will be emailed to the agency principal.
  • A Nonrenewal activity will show in the Citizens PolicyCenter.

What happens on the policy assumption date?

  • All policies will remain on the Citizens PolicyCenter, at their current Citizens rate, with their current coverage and maintain their original policy period. The change is the carrier assuming responsibility in the event of a claim.
  • Ahead of their expiration date, a renewal offer from Slide will be provided.
  • Once renewed, the policy will be accessed and managed in Slide’s system.

What if an insured accepted the assumption offer but was not assumed?
The insured will receive a letter from Citizens notifying them that their policy will remain with Citizens.

Will the policy # change from Citizens to Slide?
Yes, upon renewal.

How do I access policies assumed by Slide after their assumption date?
All policies will remain in Citizens PolicyCenter until the policy renews into the Slide system at the end of their original policy period.

I currently do not have login credentials for Slide's Agent Portal. When and how will I receive my username and password?

  • If you completed an Appointment Agreement, login credentials will be emailed to you upon completion of the onboarding process.
  • Policies assumed from Citizens will not appear in Slide's Agent Portal until its renewal date.

Can I quote and bind new policies if I have a Service Agreement with Slide?
No, your Service Agreement allowed select Citizens' policyholders to transfer from Citizens to Slide. You will have the ability to view and service policies. 

How do I get the ability to quote and bind new policies?
Your Territory Sales Manager will be your resource for new business appointments.


How do I submit endorsement requests or policy changes to Citizens policies assumed by Slide?

  • If the policy has not yet renewed and is still on the Citizens policy form, policy changes and endorsements will continue to go through the current Citizens process.
  • If the policy has renewed with Slide, endorsement requests can be emailed to

When can an insured increase their coverage limits? For example, increase liability coverage and add the Screen Enclosure Hurricane Endorsement.
Upon renewal, an endorsement request can be submitted to add or increase coverage. The request can be emailed to

Which optional endorsements will be included automatically on the Slide renewal offer?
No optional endorsements will be included automatically; however, they can be added as part of the renewal process. 

How do I add endorsements or modify coverage?
To increase Personal Liability Limits, add the Screen Enclosure Hurricane Endorsement, alter the $10,000 Limited Water Damage Exclusion, or any other coverage changes,an endorsement request must be emailed to

Will AORs be accepted?
No, AORs are not available at this time.


What payment options are available?
Payments will continue to go to Citizens until renewal.

Upon renewal, payment will be made payable to Slide. Slide offers full pay, 2 pay, and 4 payment options. See our payments page for more information.

Do I need to notify my clients’ mortgage company?
No, Slide will notify the mortgage company and provide all required information. If their mortgage company pays their insurance premium, Slide will send the invoice to the mortgage company for payment.


What is the process for claims PRIOR to the Slide assumption date?
All claims with a date of loss prior to the policy assumption date will continue to be handled by Citizens. 

For assistance with a new or existing claim with a date of loss BEFORE the Slide assumption date, call (866) 411-2742.

What is the process for claims ON/AFTER the Slide assumption date?
For assistance with a new or existing claim with a date of loss ON OR AFTER the Slide assumption date, call Slide at (866) 230-3758.

Should I contact Slide about open Citizens' claim(s)?
No, Slide is only responsible for claims with a date of loss on or after their assumption date and has no information related to claims with Citizens. If your client has a claim with Citizens, please contact Citizens directly.

For more detailed information, download our assumption guides. 

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